Wildlife Journal

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For anyone who’s interested in the everyday life of the wild life at ‘The Grange Cl’ conservation meadow, on 1st August 2016, we incorporated to The Grange CL website the Wildlife Journal. The journal will be updated as frequently as possible. This will keep everyone who’s interested, informed of the seasonal changes and the wildlife appearances that happen throughout the year around our wildlife area.

The Grange CL blog will also be updated with more in-depth articles relating to wildlife in the United Kingdom and The Grange Cl (Certified Location) Caravan Club 5CL site.

I hope you will enjoy the journal entries and as the seasons change the effect this as on nature. Mammals hibernate for the winter period; birds migrate. Insects go through a Metamorphosis period. Where their bodies can supercool (reach temperatures below freezing) without forming cell-damaging ice. Unlike animals, which can generate their own heat internally (endothermic), insects must rely on external sources to provide their heat (ectothermic). Insects that stick around in the winter must tolerate freezing or rely on other mechanisms to avoid freezing. Not surprisingly, insects have evolved a number of strategies to deal with the rigors of winter temperatures in places where they would otherwise not survive. Plants also go through a seasonal growth cycle: Perennial, Annual and Biennial.

If you have any questions or related wildlife matters to the journal entries, you are welcome to contact me, and I will endeavour to get back to you as quick as possible.