Wildlife Updates from The Grange CL Wildlife Conservation Area

​Wildlife Meadow Journal Week 1 2018.

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2018 Journal

New for 2018, I plan to post on weekly updates about life around the Wildlife Meadow. This will include any bird and mammal sighting's insects recorded, butterflies, Moths, dragonflies and other species seen by myself or our visitors.

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The 2016 Wildlife Season at The Grange Cl, Wildlife Meadow

2016 has been an eventful year around the wildlife meadow. After one of the wettest springs, we’ve experienced over many years. The weather improved, and nature went about its business catching up on lost time.

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Selection of Dragonflies & Damselflies seen at 'The Grange CL' Wildlife Meadow 2016

Dragonflies & Damselflies species we have captured on camera at 'The Grange CL' Wildlife meadow 2016.

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Butterfly Species Seen at 'The Grange CL' Wildlife Meadow 2016

A slide show of a number of the butterfly species we have witnessed at ‘The Grange CL’ Wildlife Meadow this year.

Painted Lady

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Helping Wildlife Find a Home at The Grange CL

Our wildlife conservation area has become popular with many visitors - even those without caravans!

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