Spring Wild Flowers at 'The Grange CL'

The mild winter we have experienced brought arrival of an early spring . The Primroses & Cow Slips have had a good flowing season but are now sadly dying back to make way for other wild flowers .

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Goldfinches at 'The Grange CL'

Gold finches were not often seen at ‘The Grange CL’ until we developt the nature conservation area. With thistles and teasels now growing freely throughout the area,
it is now common to see goldfinches in small flocks all through the year.

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Tits at The Grange CL

Video of tits in one of our nesting box at The Grange CL, plus, can you name the 6 species of tits resident in the UK?

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Great Tits nesting at The Grange CL

Video of Great Tits nesting inside brick piers at The Grange CL

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Moorhens on the Lake at The Grange CL

On April 10th 2014, I posted 'Moorhens at 'The Grange CL'. The nest at the time had nine eggs. I shot this video one month later May 10th and there are only four chicks to be seen out of the batch of nine.

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