Grasshoppers (Orthoptera) at ‘The Grange CL’ Conservation Area.


Summer would not be summer without the sound of the Grasshopper when you are walking in fields and meadows. Read more

Kingfisher Arrives at 'The Grange Cl' Fishing Lake

Kingfisher at The Grange CL

What an absolute delight I’ve had today. I was sitting around 'The Grange CL' fishing lake when, to my amazement, a Kingfisher landed on one of the fishing stages. Read more

The Small Red-eyed Damselfly at The Grange CL Lake

I first spotted these Damselflies on the lily pads at ‘The Grange CL’ fishing lake in July 2014. I mistook them for Blue-tailed Damselflies.

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Nature Reserves near The Grange

We know when you stay at The Grange CL you will enjoy your visit with us and exploring our six-acre conservation area.
However, there are many nature reserves just a short distance away to visit, with a diversity of wildlife to encounter.

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Be at One With Nature

There is growing evidence that spending more time in the natural environment offers many benefits to your health and well being. The study proves what I already know to be true: nature is good for us and has both long and short term mental and physical health benefits.

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