The Common Buzzard a Common Sight In Our Skies


The Buzzard would have been a rare sight to see until a few years ago in this area; we were only around four miles from Banham Zoo and a sight of a buzzard a few years ago, and you may have thought it had escaped from the Zoo? Read more

Crow or Rook? Can YOU tell the difference?

Crow or Rook

Crow or Rook? Jay or Hoopoe? Interesting facts about members of the crow family

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The mole - friend or foe?


I love wildlife. However, this year we have been driven to despair with moles. It started out with just the odd mole hill, but after a short period of time we had something that resembled the aftermath of the Somme

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Summer Holiday at ' The Grange Cl' with Auntie Wainwright

Auntie Wainwright VideoA short video I made showing some of the facilities at The Grange CL

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Day Trip To The Seaside Town Of Southwold With Auntie Wainwright

Join Auntie Wainwright for a day trip to Southwold, the Jewel in the crown of East Suffolk’s seaside resorts

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