The Humble Moorhen

There cannot be many visitors to “The Grange CL” wild life meadow that would not recognise the moorhen. It can be seen almost anywhere around the grounds, the 5CL caravan site, fishing lake, wild life pond and around the many paths of the wild life meadow at all times of the year.

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Moorhens on the Lake at The Grange CL

On April 10th 2014, I posted 'Moorhens at 'The Grange CL'. The nest at the time had nine eggs. I shot this video one month later May 10th and there are only four chicks to be seen out of the batch of nine.

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Moorhens at The Grange CL

Before 'The Grange CL' lake was constructed in 2004 you were unlikely to see a Moorhen in the grounds. However, within four years of the lake getting established moorhens soon colonised the area. Read more

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