Grange CL Conservation Area

The Grange Conservation AreaAt ‘The Grange Cl’, we believe in the conservation of wildlife and nature, and over the years that ‘The Grange Cl’ has been established, we have created a six-acre nature recreation area.

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Create Your Own Wildlife Nature Area

Marsh Fritillary Butterfly

Creating your garden into a place that attracts wildlife can be very fulfilling. Here are some tips on what you can do to help conserve our native wildlife, and still have a beautiful garden.

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Bees Attracted to the Wild Flowers at ‘The Grange CL’ Conservation Area.

In March 2014, we cleared three areas of around 300m2 of land on ‘The Grange CL’ conservation area to sow a mixture of wild flower seeds. The object of the flower beds was to attract Bees, Butterflies and other insects to the conservation area.

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Spring Wild Flowers at 'The Grange CL'

The mild winter we have experienced brought arrival of an early spring . The Primroses & Cow Slips have had a good flowing season but are now sadly dying back to make way for other wild flowers .

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