Our love of nature

Despite being brought up 'in the smoke', we have always had a love of nature. Our move to The Grange CL gave us the chance to develop this further. What started as the creation of a fishing lake and simple meadow for our guests to stroll in quickly became an opportunity for us to give something back to nature, and to share our enthusiasm with others.

In addition to being a tranquil haven for our guests, the wildlife meadow has become a successful nature conservation project, where wildlife can thrive. Many of our guests develop a new-found interest in the fascinating creatures that we share our land with, and take some of the ideas back to their own gardens.

Logging Nature

You can find out more about the wildlife who visit the meadow, together with some other bits and pieces we think you may find interesting, in Steve's Blog. Steve, like several of the guests who had stayed at The Grange CL, has also developed a fascination with the wonderful world of moths, so much so that he has a special blog dedicated just to them. He is also compiling more specific information on macro moths and micro moths in two separate sections on this site.

Our Wildlife Quicklinks