Can you spot it?

If you were a fan of the old 'I-Spy' books when you were a child you will love the Spot-it pages.

Spot the various wildlife you see around the CL & Wildlife meadow during your stay with us. Your sightings are essential to us for our records of species visiting the area….. and for your pleasure of encountering the many different species of wildlife around us.

You can use your phone or tablet to 'tick off' the birds or insects as you see them, or simply make a note and tick them off on your desktop or laptop when it is more convenient.

Click on the QR codes below to go to your chosen 'Spot-it' page, or you can print this page out and scan the QR codes with your phone when you are at the site.

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Dragon & Damselflies




Wildlife Conservation - Helping give nature a home

Our wildlife conservation area has become popular with many visitors - even those without caravans!

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