Our succesful bird boxes

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The success story of 2016 was, the Barn Owl breeding in the Barn Owl Box 00225 which was erected around 2010 in an oak tree on the perimeter of the wild life meadow.

Other years we have had Stock Doves and Jackdaws breeding in the box. Over the years, it has not been unusual to see the Barn Owl hunting for prey at any time of the day throughout the year around the wildlife meadow. However, the barn owl did not seem interested in the nest box until this year. Over the last couple of months several of our visitors to The Grange CL have witnessed Barn Owls coming and going from the box. On July 15th 2016, the Owl Box ranger arrived to do the annual box inspection. It was not a surprise when the ranger opened the box to find two owl chicks around a month from fledging the nest. Both chicks looked healthy and well-fed and survived to adulthood.

Use the slideshow below tor photographs of the young owls…..

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    The warden places a ring on the owl's leg for identification
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    Totally nonplussed with the whole situation
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    Just put us back in box, we want a kip.
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    Mum goes out to get some more grub for the kids.