Hello, from Steve Garten and welcome to my weird and wonderful world of moths.

Iā€™m amateur Lepidopterist, I trap and record moth species on my six acre wildlife meadow at Tibenham Norfolk, UK.

The list of moths listed in this Macro-moths blog and the Micro Moths blog are the species I have recorded since 2015.

Small Eggar - Eriogaster lanestris.

Small Eggar - Eriogaster lanestris. From the family Lasiocampidae, subfamily Lasiocampinae. With a Wingspan of 30 to 40 mm. The species preferred habitat is hedgerows, where Hawthorn or Blackthorn are present. The adults fly in February and March but are seldom seen. The species' life history is that the larvae live gregariously in silken webs on the foodplants of Hawthorn or Blackthorn. The UK Status was formerly quite common, now classified as Nationally Scarce B.

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