Hello, from Steve Garten and welcome to my weird and wonderful world of moths.

Iā€™m amateur Lepidopterist, I trap and record moth species on my six acre wildlife meadow at Tibenham Norfolk, UK.

The list of moths listed in this Micro-moths blog and the Macro Moths blog are the species I have recorded since 2015.

Variegated Golden Tortrix - Archips xylosteana

Variegated Golden Tortrix - Archips xylosteana A micro moth species from the family of Tortricidae, sub family Tortricinae. The moth has a wingspan of 15 to 23 mm. Only minor variation between sexes. The female is without the costal fold and with a protruding apex on the forewing. The preferred habitat is gardens and wooded areas. The moths can be found on the wing during July and August just before dusk into the night. The species' life history is It uses a range of deciduous trees and shrubs for its foodplants. This species is classified as common.

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